"I am a MIPED Client."

Sybil Honore


Sybil Honore


Ms. Honore is the proud owner of a fishing vessel thanks to MIPED. She commented that the loans were fairly easy to acquire. The representatives at MIPED were very courteous while dealing with her and they didn’t hesitate to offer explanations to any information that she would have queries with. They also encouraged her to promote the loans in her community.

Sybil mentioned that she keeps current record of her fishing schedule, sales etc, and this has helped her in receiving a loan from the bank to purchase a vehicle.



  • Sybil was involved in fishing for the past 6 years.
  • She started with HOPE and received her initial loan of $2000 to start a Garden, where she planted pimentos, figs etc; which she would sell at the local market. She did this for two years.


  • She then moved on to the fishing field and she received her initial loan of $80,000 from MIPED in 2007 to purchase a boat, engine and net. Mr. Power from MIPED granted her this loan.
  • She borrowed a second loan of $75,000 and other small loans thereafter to replace a net and engine. She lamented that there were special floating nets that were left outside at night to catch the fish but she would loose them; and her engine was stolen.