"I am a MIPED Client."

Shaheed Khan


Rajaram Harripersad


Shaheed Khan is an experienced farmer and from the proceeds of his business he has been able to furnish his home, purchase a taxi and purchase a wheel tractor. The client has had 5 loan facilities with MIPED ranging from $25,000.00 to $49,000.00.

Mr. Khan has commended MIPED for its service and has indicated that MIPED has made a significant contributed towards him sending his daughter to the University of the West Indies. Mr. Khan applauded MIPED for their flexibility in the repayment schedule. He indicated that the loan approval process has improved from 2005 to 2011.



Mr. Khan, a farmer, took his first loan to cultivate watermelon.


Mr. Khan completed repayment of his first facility and took his secondĀ  loan to purchase a taxi.


The client took his third loan to cultivate 5 acres of watermelons.


Mr. Khan took his fourth loan to cultivate 4 acres of watermelons.


Mr. Khan took his fifth loan to cultivate 5 acres of watermelons.