[easychart type=”pie” title=”Geographical Areas of Loans from Inception, by Number of Loans” groupnames=”Guayaguayare,Calampus,New Lands,La Brea,Stone Bright,Grand Lagoon,St. Margarets,Radix Village,St. Anns,Pierreville,Rest House,Plaisance,Kernahan,Ortoire Village,Cascadoux,Marfeking,Bristol,Union Village,Rio Claro,Cedar Grove,Sangre Grande” group1values=”79″ group2values=”25″ group3values=”35″ group4values=”79″ group5values=”19″ group6values=”96″ group6values=”18″ group6values=”92″ group6values=”55″ group6values=”268″ group6values=”45″ group6values=”6″ group6values=”260″ group6values=”85″ group6values=”67″ group6values=”154″ group6values=”53″ group6values=”109″ group6values=”319″ group6values=”43″ group6values=”14″ chartfadecolor=”FFFFFF”]


MIPED provides small- and medium-sized loans to entrepreneurs, within the Mayaro and neighbouring communities. It is specifically targeted toward individuals who do not meet the average lending criteria for a commercial bank. MIPED allows micro-entrepreneurs and small businesses to access funding for start-up and expansion, attain the know-how, productivity and profitability to be credit worthy and successful.Through its services and loans, MIPED helps micro-entrepreneurs strengthen their businesses, stabilize incomes, create additional employment and contribute to the economic revitalization of Mayaro-Guayaguayare.

Open MIPED Project Map (Active Loans)
Open MIPED Project Map (Total Loans Disbursed)