"I am a MIPED Client."

Wayne Boodram

Poultry Farmer


Wayne Boodram worked as a taxi driver for 12 years, he eventually retired from a taxi driver to manage his poultry depot. He has been able to construct his own home and purchase a vehicle from his business. The client has had 7 loan facilities with MIPED ranging from $10,000.00 to $65,000.00.
Wayne acknowledged MIPED as “the easiest place to get a loan” and also acknowledged the high quality service he received from the staff. He commended MIPED for obtaining loan insurance for the clients.



  • Wayne was a taxi driver
  • He took a loan to start pig rearing business
  • He came back and took a 2nd loan to purchase an engine for his taxi


  • He completed repayment of the previous facilities
  • He took a 3rd loan to construct a meat shop and he also repaid the facility
  • He took a 4th loan to construct a chicken pen and start the conversion of his meat shop into a poultry depot


  • Wayne completed repayment of the previous facility
  • He took a 5th loan to complete the poultry depot


The Ministry of Health brought new regulations for the poultry industry and Wayne came back to MIPED for a loan to upgrade his depot to meet the new standards.