Monday, March 11th, 2013

Target Schools:

  • Mayaro Secondary School
  • Guayaguayare High School
  • Rio Claro West Secondary School
  • Rio Claro East Secondary School

Target Group:
Form Five Business Students (Maximum Group of 30 Participants)

Project Time Line:
Commencement Date: 22nd January, 2013

Workshop Arrangements
One specialized tutor of the Youth Training and Employment Partnership Programme will be attending each of the target schools once per week for six weeks for a two hour session. Each school will be obtaining a maximum of twelve hours of training.

Topics Covered in Training

  • Characteristics of an Entrepreneur
  • Financial Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Legal Issues

Expected Outcomes

  • Understanding the characteristics and role of a successful entrepreneur
  • Understand the management issues( Financial, Marketing and Legal in Operating a Small Business)
  • Improve the self confidence of participants
  • Introduce participants to the tools for monitoring the performance of their business

Importance of the Business Teacher Involvement in Project
The Business Teacher will play a vital role in assisting the teams in planning, developing the business plan. Therefore a prize would be given to the teacher of the winning school of the best business competition, as an incentive to motivate his/her students.


  • Business Plan Quality – 30%
  • Implementation of Business Plan – 15%
  • Group Participation – 15%
  • Profitability – 15%
  • Innovation and Creativity – 15%
  • Elevator Pitch – 10%

Proposed Prizes for Winner

  • School – Computer and Printer
  • Business Teacher – Plaque of Merit, Laptop Bag/ Brief Case
  • Students – Pens, Notepads, Bags, Certificate,U.T.C Savings Account of $200 per student
Mayaro Secondary School 19 Monday 2.40 PM 22/01/2013 22/01, 28/01,18/02, 25/02, 04/03
Guayaguayare High School 15 Friday 10.00 AM 01/02/2013 01/02, 01/03, 08/03
Rio Claro East Secondary School 31 Tuesday 9.40 AM 29/01/2013 29/01, 05/02,19/02,26/02, 05/03
Rio Claro West Secondary School 23 Wednesday 2.50 PM 06/02/2013 06/02,20/02,27/02,06/03
Total 88