Welcome to the Mayaro Initiative for Private Enterprise Development (MIPED) Website. Our goal is to facilitate and expand the development of small business entrepreneurs and contribute to the development of the Mayaro community.

MIPED Chairman, Mr. Asraph Ali

MIPED Chairman, Mr. Asraph Ali

It is my pleasure, as Chairman, to launch our website which not only shares the history of MIPED but also provides invaluable information and showcases the excellence of the program.

This website represents another bold step in MIPED demonstrating its commitment to the Mayaro community and to provide a positive online presence where the citizens of Mayaro and our national community can therefore be informed and participate in the journey towards making Mayaro a model community
Here you will gain first hand knowledge of the intention of the programme, the value we add to our clients, and the employment opportunities they have been able to generate in the community. MIPED has helped small businesses and individuals achieve their goals by providing the financial and technical support required to start new businesses and or expand existing ones. We provide the tools which help to empower and encourage community members to realise their dreams.

As we approach the tenth anniversary of our partnership with the Mayaro community, I reflect on when the programme first started with a seed fund of USD 1.2 million from bpTT. In this regard I take the opportunity to state how proud we are to be associated with a company that is passionate about national and economic development and one that sees itself as a member of the Mayaro community.

Along the journey, we have faced some challenges but I hasten to add that the successes of MIPED have by far outweighed any which have arisen. We have been able to create opportunities for enterprise development through micro-credit, small-business, as well as financial training and mentoring of our clients. A key highlight of the Mayaro Initiative for Private Enterprise Development is that over the past 10 years we have provided over 2000 loans at a value in excess of TT$40M to entrepreneurs in a wide variety of businesses. Every dollar of the fund is helping businesses to grow and by extension, create jobs and develop Mayaro’s economy.

The success of MIPED can be attributed to the loyalty of our clients and the dedication, commitment and progressive thinking of the MIPED Board of Directors and staff. I take this opportunity to thank everyone for their support throughout this journey as we look forward to further developing the programme in the years ahead.

It is my hope that you find our website useful and easy to navigate and we look forward to seeing you at our office located at the BPTT Mayaro Resource Centre, Beaumont Road, Mayaro, where we can continue in our quest to partner with you. I recognize the contribution of KStone Business Consultants in producing the website that the Board of Directors, BPTT and the Mayaro community can be proud of. I specially thank BPTT for their foresight and unending support to MIPED and to the Mayaro community.